Maestro Zalce visiting with his friend, Maestro Rufino Tamayo.


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On May 8, 1999, I visited with Maestro Zalce in his studio and recorded his answers to several questions with a digital camera capable of recording moving video along with audio for placement on my web page.  Several of my questions were concerned with other Mexican Master Artists, all deceased, who were among Zalce’s friends.  Below, you can see and hear Maestro Zalce as he answers those somewhat historical questions.

Unfortunately, each sound bite can  last a maximum of one  minute,  so although Zalce  knew he needed to finish within the  minute time limit, he occasionally ran over by a few words—which were lost.

By clicking  below and waiting a few minutes to complete the necessary downloading, you will see and hear Zalce himself as he describes (in Spanish) the personality and/or character of his friends; Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros, Kahlo, Tamayo, O’Higgins--and himself. 

  • Rivera

  • Siquieros / Orozco

  • Tamayo / Kahlo

  • O'Higgins

  • Zalce

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